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The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means ‘union’.

Yoga helps to unify and balance various aspects of physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and to reconnect us with the present moment and our immediate environment.

It’s a way of achieving harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga focusses the mind on the present, making us clearer, calmer and more capable of managing everyday stress.


Asanas (yoga postures) are exercises that strengthen and balance the body, soothe the mind and give a feeling of freedom and inner peace.


  • reduce agitated thoughts,
  • increase your body’s strength and suppleness,
  • increase energy flow,
  • eliminate toxins,
  • help digestion and manage body weight,
  • improve posture.

I advise you on the style of yoga that best corresponds to your tastes and your physical condition: either:

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – dynamic yoga with a set series of postures in pace with breathing.

This traditional form of yoga is very effective for calming the mind, as well as increasing muscle strength and suppleness.

Vinyasa Yoga, dynamic yoga with a series of postures that follow in smooth succession. This is a more recent form of yoga that offers great freedom in postures.

Yin Yoga (restorative yoga) is a gentle yoga that relaxes the body and restores energy.

You don’t need to be an athlete or even supple to practice yoga.

Whatever type of yoga you choose, I guide you to make appropriate changes in postures to suit you so that you make the most of your lesson.

I’ll help you with your breathing, your concentration and so get your mind and your body on the right road to progress.

At the end of your postures (asanas), I’ll give you advice about how to perform a relaxation sequence to relax body and mind to release tensions and prolong the benefits of your yoga session so that it permeates into your everyday life.


Pranayama is a technique for controlled breathing. Practiced correctly, it’s the most effective tool for vitality, body balance and inner peace. With regular practice, it continues the body-cleansing work started with Asanas and leads to a state of meditation.



Because sitting meditation is much more difficult than it seems, I’ll help you on your path to meditation. I explain how to find a seated position that is both active and comfortable and give you the necessary tools to channel your thoughts throughout your meditation.

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