I’m Marina. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2007 and I present a coaching programme called COACH U on the Monaco Info channel.

Fascinated by movement, and the mind and body’s tremendous capacity to cope and adapt, I’ve explored and looked into various physical disciplines which has enabled me to create an overall concept for the body’s way of functioning.

In my youth I was a dancer and avid sportswoman, which triggered my passion for movement, fluidity and precision.

After my university degree, I obtained a State diploma in fitness and muscle training.

I further extended my approach to movement and breathing by studying Pilates.

This activity is focussed on breathing and it awakened my interest in ancestral Eastern methods of training mind and body, which then led me to study yoga. I learned Vinyasa Yoga for a year and following this trained in in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, obtaining certificates from Yoga Alliance. Yoga helped me to channel my energy and it cured my scoliosis.

Advanced yoga postures helped me to develop my method using the callisthenic method and to integrate the use of body weight and movement into workouts.

I then studied massage to further develop my anatomical and functional knowledge of the body. I am certified in Vodder Manual Drainage, Swedish massage and Thai foot reflexology.

The study, practice and teaching of these disciplines and my conversations with top athletes, sports doctors, rheumatologists and osteopaths have given me an accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the human body and movement. My method has been crafted through the acquisition of diverse skills and my extensive experience as a coach.

Through careful analysis of your goals and your needs, I’ll suggest a personalised and comprehensive fitness programme for a toned and firm figure, a supple and strong body, a calm mind, and increased energy.

Try the exceptional experience of getting fit and feeling great .